Satay (Chicken, Beef or Pork)
Strips of marinated meat, barbequed on bamboo skewers, served with a tasty peanut sauce and a white vinegar cucumber sauce
Thod Mun Pla
Fried ground fish, spiced with fresh leaf of kaffir lime and red curry paste complimented with a sweet chili dipping sauce and cucumber relish.
$ 8.95
Po Pia Tod
Carrots, cabbage and glass noodles wrapped in rice paper, deep fried to a golden brown served with a sweet chili garlic sauce
$ 7.95
Po Pia Sod
Shrimp, bean sprouts, cucumber, mint and cilantro, freshly wrapped in rice paper, served with crushed peanuts and a tamarind sauce.
$ 8.95
Curry Puff
It is a small pie consisting of specialised curry with chicken and potatoes in a deep-fried pastry shell.
$ 8.95
Miang Kam
A fantastic flavor blend of shrimp coconut, ginger, fresh leaves, peanut and lime complimenting the American palate.
$ 8.95
Goong Kajong
Marinated prawn and taro with fresh cilantro and garlic served with sweet plum sauce.
$ 7.95